World famous in Vashington

You don’t always have to whizz down the freeway to dine at your favourite haunts in town. This weekend, head to Vashi’s Inorbit Mall and indulge your taste buds at the all new Pot Pourri, the crown jewel of Navi Mumbai’s culinary landscape.

Restaurant overview
A glimpse at the quirky interiors

I’m forever confused when it comes to choosing a certain type of cuisine for brunch or dinner. I yearn for a world meal during such times—a mishmash that presents cuisine options from across the world in a classy-fun gourmet fashion, yet makes me feel at home. After combing the city for one such meal recently, I arrived at my burb destination—a fresh, bright restaurant tastefully done up with amusing graphics and taglines and innovative art installations that gracefully adorn the brown, white and yellow walls. Strategically located at the entrance of Vashi’s Inorbit Mall, Pot Pourri is perfect for any occasion—a brunch with your girlfriends, an informal meeting, a romantic date or a family dinner. It is polished, laidback and peppy—all at once! True to its name, it offers a fusion of world cuisines. With influences and signature dishes from India, Spain, Americas, Italy, Japan and Oriental Asia, Pot Pourri’s new menu showcases global street food, world pizzas, scrumptious platters and a wide array of boozey temptations.

Sizzling bean burritto
Sizzling bean burritto
Carrot soup with thyme, cumin and butter garlic crutons

I’m not a big fan of closed restaurants tucked away in the secluded nooks of malls. I like them to be open enough for ample sunlight to stream through and naturally light up my conversations. Pot Pourri offered just that, along with trendy music that was loud enough to be heard and soft enough to be able to hear the other person talk.

Pot Pourri special shots

Once we settled ourselves at a table overseeing the outdoor area of the mall, we were served a glass of refreshing cool water infused with a twist of orange peel. While most of us usually stick to a light beer or a classic cocktail to play safe, this time we decided to greet the evening with innovative cocktails like Irish coffee and Mai Tai. These were served in an Irish coffee mug and a Mason jar respectively. The cocktailer clearly knew his ropes well—not only were the drinks served in the right glasses, but their taste was similar to what you would find at a cocktail bar in Italy. Our grumbling tummies demanded a four course meal, starting with Cauliflower and Broccoli Chowder and Asian Spiced Tomato Consommé, which we greedily gulped down. The seamless blend of tangy, creamy, mouth-melting flavours were delightful.

Next, we dug into delectable appetizers such as Chilli Potato Bravas served with spicy tomato and sour cream and Aubergine Pamisiana Pocket Fritters that included cheese-stuffed aubergine pockets, oven-dried tomatoes topped with balsamic chilli salsa. For the main course, chef Vinod Garde suggested Crepes—cheese, herb salad and saffron cream stuffed with olives, tomato and mixed mushroom. After so many loaded dishes, we were too stuffed to take another bite. But somehow, we ended up scrapping the plate with our spoons!

From those pretty barbecue drizzles and mayo swirls to the farm fresh salad presentations and just the right amount of flavours and spices, Pot Pourri is one of the few restaurants that thoroughly impressed me. We finished the ambrosial feast with a chunk of rich blueberry cheesecake. While the conventional way to end an ideal food review is to suggest one unmissable dish, I can’t possibly zero in on just one—I loved them all and I would keep going back to the restaurant to try the ones I didn’t; even if it means changing trains or hopscotching my way through the traffic. What’s more, the restaurant showcases a brand new menu every three months to make sure its customers don’t get bored—now what more can a true foodie ask for?

Timing: 12 noon – 12 pm

Address: Ground floor, Inorbit Mall, 2nd Entrance, Sector 30A, Vashi, Maharashtra 400705

Contact: 022-27810548/ 49 / +91 9619 822 274


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  1. Hey … that was a good read, also with a feel good factor.. informative and nice visuals. Even the blog format is tasteful … Fresh !!
    Looking forward to more blogs 🙂
    Best Wishes!


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