A taste of tradition

Assorted dry fruits just before the cake mixing ceremony

“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.”
Hamilton Wright Mabie

A little girl participating in the ceremony

With less than two months to go for Christmas, The Grand Hyatt Mumbai welcomed the holiday season with a traditional cake mixing ceremony. On entering the hotel, I was surprised to see the lobby area filled with more than 50 in-house guests and invitees along with their kids. Some were getting to know each other while cradling a drink in their hand; the rest were busy trying to tone down the excitement of their children waiting to sink their fingers into the massive steel basins. Also present at this ceremony were team members of Grand Hyatt Mumbai. The air was thick with the divine smell of honey raisins, black currant, mixed dates, candied ginger and fruit.

The cake mixing ceremony

It was an absolute delight to watch the little angels gear up for the ceremony with aprons, caps and gloves at The Bar and put in their whole-hearted effort to mix the assortment of fruits. While they were at it, the chefs present emptied bottles of rum, brandy and whisky, one after the other. The soirée was accompanied by great cheer and endless camera clicking.

Leading the event was Chef Vivek Kadam, Pastry Chef at Grand Hyatt Mumbai, who shared precious tips with guests on how to balance dry fruits with wine and preserve it for the perfect cake mix. “At the cake mixing ceremony, a wide variety of assorted dry fruits were mixed with generous amounts of liquor. The mix will now be stored at room temperature in the bakery, to soak in all the liquid and mature beautifully in time for the festive season. This marinated assortment of dry fruits will be incorporated while baking delectable cakes, puddings and other delicacies. The longer the mix is retained, the tastier will be the Christmas cake,” he said.

The culinary fest was followed by High Tea, featuring a delectable spread: Teriyaki Salmon Bites, Chicken Herb Sheek Kebab, Fruit Cake Pops, Raspberry and Vanilla Macaroons and much more.

The Grand Hyatt Mumbai team

DSC_4181Did you know?

The history of the cake-mixing ceremony dates back to the 17th century, when it marked the arrival of the harvest season. During this time lots of fruits and nuts were harvested and prepared to go into the making of the traditional plum cake. The mix was saved up for the next harvest season with the hope that the coming year would bring with it another abundant year.

Well, we can’t wait for December to sample the perfect Christmas plum-cake. Can you?


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