A scrumptious spread

Be it a reunion with friends or a lazy Sunday afternoon with your family, the Big Brunch Sundays at Fifty Five East, Grand Hyatt Mumbai is a gourmet celebration you can’t afford to miss. The lavish meal features an incredible range of international dishes and authentic preparations specially curated by a team of regional chefs.

Soak in the lively atmosphere of this dynamic restaurant designed by the internationally acclaimed designer Super Potato from Japan, as you indulge in a variety of cuisines under one roof. Begin with your favourite spirit — a glass of sparkling wine or a refreshing cocktail if you wish. Then, take a culinary tour with the Executive Chef, as he unveils a plethora of food counters one after the other — the mouth-watering chaat, the western grill and rotisserie, the Italian oven featuring live pizzas and pastas, the steam basket dishing out authentic momos, the sushi station with an interactive fridge, the yakitori grill, the Indian thali replete with well-seasoned tikkas, biryani and a potpourri of chutneys, and the ambrosial patisserie — while you make a long mental checklist of what you’d like to order.

The colourful cocktails placed in shot glasses at the entrance.
Care for a test tube shot?
I was in a mood for some red wine, but I ended up ordering an orange and basil mojito instead. Colour therapy works!
The cosy, sunlit ambience and the heart-warming ochre yellow walls at the restaurant make you feel at home.
If you think that street food is supposed to be relished only at your favourite bhelpuriwalla’s, you’re mistaken! I wouldn’t recommend the aloo chaat so much, but the samosas are to die for!
They look oh-so-appetising, don’t they?
I usually eat my desserts after the main course. But these brownies and raisin cakes were falling into my line of vision, below a delectable chocolate fountain, waiting to be devoured. Although I like my cake cubes to be a little more moist and flavoursome. I’d give these a six on ten.
This is what sin would look like, if it were tangible.
A Chef handcrafting a thin crust pizza.
Look at this spectacular collection of freshly baked bread and cheese! I called for some pita bread to go with my hummus and it was baked to perfection.
Just because you’ve been watching your weight doesn’t mean you have to skip a brunch party. The chicken tikka and grilled fish here is so good, I can feel its lingering taste even after a week. Don’t forget to pair the starters with a chutney of your choice.
Tomato, green chilli, coconut — name the chutney and the restaurant has it. The chef will even make one for you on request. Peep into the matkas carefully: they also had curd rice with fried mirchi for people who like to end their main course on a satisfying note.
Super fresh seafood!
I couldn’t try the pasta because I was too full to have any further food. I’m still killing myself over it. But then, none of us can really try each of the 150 dishes that this brunch boasts of. Yes, you heard that right.
The yakitori counter
Roast chicken and jacket potatoes
Crunchy delight: The sweet potato chips were fried in just the right amount of oil
Once you’re done with your main course, give your taste buds a five minute break and then hop on to the dessert wagon!
A chocolate cupcake, a mouth-melting gulab jamun and coffee ice cream — I gulped down all of it in less than a minute, without an iota of guilt.

What really appealed to me about this extravagant brunch was its service. I’ve never seen a staff that is so warm and composed in spite of the sea of guests flowing in. What I also noticed was that they never turned their guests down with a ‘No’. Whether it was a single slice of pita bread or a fruit salad, the Chef ensured that the guests got what they wanted. But somewhere I also felt that the experience could have been more memorable. Yes, the music soothed the senses, but the flash Gangnam Style dance performed by the chefs could have been choreographed in a better manner. Perhaps a live music performance or on-the-house cocktail shots could have taken the element of fun and relaxation up a few notches.


Whatever said and done, the Sunday was well-spent. It was good to see my mother smile and my husband eat with all his heart. These are little things that make me happy, and I’m glad this lovely brunch on a warm Sunday afternoon gave me so many fond memories to cherish.

Big Brunch Sundays is available at a stunning price of INR 2,855 plus taxes per person.

Timings: 12:30 pm to 4:00 pm

Venue: Grand Hyatt Mumbai, Western Express Highway, Santacruz East, Mumbai 400055

For further information please call +91 22 6676 1149, drop a mail to restaurantreservations.ghmumbai@hyatt.com or visit Fifty Five East to book a table online.



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