Care for a glass of country-made fruit wine?

6 Bottle Case - hi res
Packed with fresh fruits like peaches, strawberries and pears, a refreshing glass of Sangria is our go-to drinks at parties. But when it comes to making one at home, it takes a whole lot of effort. Located in the outskirts of Pune, Rhythm winery has recently launched an exciting range of fruit wines to make things easier.

Strawberry: A semi-sweet wine made from grapes and blended with fresh strawberries from Mahabaleshwar.

Pineapple: An off-wine made from grapes and blended with ‘Quins’ varietal of pineapple procured from Kerala.

Kiwi: This fruit wine is made from grapes and blended with kiwis produced in Arunachal Pradesh. The off-dry wine is manufactured in alliance with the Arunachal government, hence the name ‘ArunKiwi’.

Peach: The tangy fruit wine is made from grapes and blended with peaches procured from the northern India.

Plum: This tangy, off-dry fruit wine is made from grapes and blended with plums procured from the chilly regions of northern India.

Mango: The semi-sweet wine is made from the royal Alphonso plucked from the Ratnagiri district in the Konkan part of Maharashtra.

Kiwi WineWe tried: The Kiwi wine
Not many know that Arunachal Pradesh also produces the best quality kiwis. During the company’s visit to the horticulture department of Arunachal, Rhythm wines came up with the idea of making wine out of home-grown kiwis rather than investing in the products from New Zealand.

I presented the Kiwi wine at an at-home wine tasting ceremony over the New Years and the bottle was polished off in less than an hour. Yes, even by the men who wouldn’t part from their beloved scotch. The wine has a smooth, light fruity flavour that goes with any kind of cuisine and is ideal for every season. The wine tastes better when served it chilled. Red wines that are bitter make me feel sick and dehydrated after a point, and Sangrias are too sweet if the cocktailer doesn’t nail the recipe. Arunkiwi, however, is somewhere in between and strikes a perfect ten. It works well for any occasion and doesn’t give you the day-after headache and hangover. You can’t possibly be done with just one flavour, so make sure you pick at least one of each on your next trip to the wine shop.

 Gift Hamper Rhythm Winery- hi ressThe wines are priced at Rs. 245 for 375 ml, Rs. 450 for 750 ml and Rs. 650 for the gift hamper (pack of three available only during festivals), and are available across 150 retail shops in Mumbai.


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