Jet, set, go with SoulTree’s beauty minis

st2Whether it is for a long weekend or a 10-day backpacking trip to the mountains, our beauty concerns are common: we try to fit our entire beauty booty into our handbag, making it weigh more than the luggage. And then we eventually empty them out and kiss goodbye to good looks and reluctantly embrace the let’s-not-shower-forever hippie trend.

The Xplore travel pouch is a boon for women like me whose bags are a beautiful mess of oversized facewashes and moisturisers. Crafted from the finest natural and bio-degradable fibres, the palm-sized jute pouch is perfect for on-the-go beauty. It comprises the following:

st1130 ml Tumeric Face Wash
Infused with fresh extracts of Indian Rose, Aloe and Forest Honey, the face wash will make your skin naturally soft and supple. Smell it once and you’ll fall in love with its fragrance. Even after you wipe your face, the refreshing rose scent, coupled with a subtle cooling effect stays with you for a long time.

30ml Indian Rose & Vetiver Shower Gelst5
A plant that thrives in heat, I have fond memories of adding a bunch of vetiver or khus roots in an earthen pot to cool drinking water. The vetiver not only imparts a lovely flavour to the water, but it also tastes better than refrigerated water. When used in baths or in massages, vetiver is known to cure arthritis, rheumatism and muscular aches. In olden times, women made a paste combining khus and sandal powder and applied it over the face to improve their complexion.

Organically cultivated Indian Rose known for its skin smoothening qualities is collected at dawn to make pure rose water. The water is then blended with the cooling extracts of Vetiver and Aloe to make this aromatic Ayurvedic bath gel. Having a bath with this soap-free cleanser is sure to kickstart your day on a pleasant note.

st830ml Apricot Oil and Kokum Butter Moisturiser
The bottle might seem little, but it is packed with wholesome hydration and goodness of Apricot Oil, Honey and Kokum Butter. Unlike many other moisturisers, the lotion is non-sticky and instantly absorbed by the skin to give it the nourishment it deserves.

30ml Triphala with Conditioning Henna Shampoost13
The revitalising shampoo once again reminded me of the days spent at my grandma’s house. She dismissed my sachets of shampoo and instead got a handful of shikakai and gave me a hair wash. Rich in the goodness of ayurveda of Triphala (three fruits), fresh extracts of Aamla, Bhibitaki and Haritaki, the shampoo prevents hair damage, premature hair loss, and leaves the hair feeling naturally clean. I only wish the pouch came with a conditioner to complete the haircare ritual!

Priced at Rs 350.00, the jute pouch is available on


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