Clarins Skin Spa: An oasis of calm

A little before Valentine’s day I trudged down to the Clarins Skin Spa housed within the Parcos cosmetic store in South Mumbai. And I must tell you that it was the best facial I’ve ever had. It’s been almost a month now but I can still reminisce the magical touch of my beauty therapist, the herbaceous fragrance of the myriad products applied and the tranquilising ambience.

Given a choice between body treatments and facials, I’d always prefer the former. The reasons are:
1. A facial requires me to remember to carry my lens case and solution along, lest the products penetrate into my eyes and blur my already blurred vision.
2. The treatment gives my face a luminous glow, but what about those sore shoulders?
3. I dread the blackhead extractor stage. It’s uncomfortable, painful and makes me want to strangle the sadist aesthetician.

Nevertheless, I decided to try the Tri-Active Facial at the Clarins Skin Spa, a six-step treatment for the face and eyes, with a special focus on the neck, décolleté and hands. Usually, when you go to a salon or a spa, you scroll through the menu and take a pick. With Clarins, it’s the other way round – the beauty therapist selects the best treatment after a detailed skin analysis.

Once I settled in, I was asked to fill out a form that had a long list of skin and health related questions. My beauty therapist for the day, Shama Khan, then escorted me to the service room. Despite the crammed space, the place exuded calming all white interiors brimming with positive vibes. The pale blue skyline ceiling was a good idea. When I rate a spa in my head, I look at the little things more than just the therapy. Clarins Skin Spa scored a perfect ten as far as the nitigrities were concerned. The room had a big closet to store stuff as opposed to a tiny locker. It was equipped with a lens case and solution too: something that no other spa has. After I was done arranging the wardrobe, I quickly slipped into a tube gown and lay down on the massage bed. No it wasn’t just a reclining chair or a flimsy massage table. It was a five-star bed that made me feel like a princess beneath layers of fluffy blankets and towels.

clarins 4
Before beginning with the facial, Shama did a brief skin check-up by gently pressing some pressure points and highlighted skin concerns like dehydrated skin, black and white heads and open pores. She suggested the Moisture Quencher rehydrating treatment to supply intense moisture to dehydrated skin and restore its radiance.

Shama dimmed the lights and started by cleansing my face using the suction method. So the first thing that appealed to me about the spa is the 100 per cent exclusive manual method. And ‘manual’ doesn’t just mean slathering the product on the face and rubbing it in. It means gently warming the products to activate the ingredients before application. Secondly, the Tri-Active Facial doesn’t just focus on the face. It includes a hand massage with a hand and nail cream, a shoulder massage with relaxing oil, a face and décolleté massage using a customised youth cocktail and a rejuvenating scalp massage. The treatment concludes with the application of the triple mask. “Instead of tugging and pulling the black and white heads with an extractor, we at Clarins apply an exfoliating peeling lotion with a brush to gently loosens the dead skin layer and detoxifies the skin,” explains Shama.

The various combinations of masks and exfoliators were astounding. 20 minutes into the facial, I drifted off into a dreamlike, semi-coma state. I tried my best to pay attention to the products that were being applied, but eventually gave in to the overpowering slumber. And before I knew, my hour of bliss was up.

IMG_20160210_144936The toughest task was to drag myself out of the heaps of blankets, but I somehow managed. Although I did wish the spa could have a rest room for clients who want to hang out for some more time. I took a customary look in the mirror to see if there were any visible changes and what I observed was truly incredible. My face felt clean and smooth like never before: fresh and soft like white butter, and luminous, like the sun’s beam.

Later, Shama brought me some refreshing herbal tea and dates and walked me through the products used during the facial. She also gave me valuable tips on how to keep my skin hydrated. A couple of selfies later, I stepped out promising myself to take care of my skin more regularly.

The 60-minute Tri-Active Facial is priced at Rs 4,180 all inclusive.


The Art of Touch: Latest Treatments at the Clarins Skin Spa

Face & Body Treatment (90 mins, Rs 5,525 + taxes)
A signature treatment that combines the quintessence of Clarins techniques and products in a complete rebalancing menu for the face and body.

Smooth & Luminous Eyes (30 mins, Rs 1,800 + taxes)
A complete anti-ageing treatment for visibly more youthful-looking eyes and an enhanced eye area from temple to temple. The treatment reduces puffiness and dark circles, softens fine lines, wrinkles, crow feet and pigmentation, firms, tones and gives a boost of rejuvenation.

Stubborn Curves Solution: Exfoliation & Modeling Massage (60 mins, Rs 3,450 + taxes) 
The treatment helps streamline, firm and improve the appearance of stubborn curves on the abdomen, waist, hips and arms. It also helps fight stubborn fat and achieve a harmonious shape.

Bust and Décolleté – Exfoliation/ Massage and Mask (45 mins, Rs 2,700 + taxes)
Treating the décolleté to stimulate, tone and firm up the dedicated area.

The Clarins Skin Spa is located above Parcos at Whitehall, 143, August Kranti Marg, Kemps Corner, Mumbai 400036. If you’re looking for a luxurious skin spa experience, you can book an appointment at 9320768843, 022-23643685 or 022-23610824. All appointments include a 15-minute consultation.



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