Words unsaid

I haven’t told you so but I noticed that you did the bed today, even if it was my turn. And I decided to pause Keating’s (you say it best) when you say nothing at all cassette and put my feelings in words. You see, it is hard to find someone who is willing to love so many people in one person. Today I’m an aspiring short story writer, tomorrow, I’m a belly dancer, the day after, I’m a yoga instructor. I’m that expansive wavering ocean, oscillating between the turbulent and placid, and you never forget to adorn my zillion hues sitting on the shore. Thank you for encouraging me to quit my job and letting me hang around at home in your tees and nurturing my madness.

Know that I love you, more than I did on our wedding day. I love the smile that you break into when I do a shimmy while standing in the grocery line, the way you pamper me during ‘that time of the month’ and deftly handle my ever-oscillating mood swings, the way you make me feel oh-so-pretty even with unbrushed teeth and unwashed hair, the lingering fragrance of your cologne on freshly washed shirts, the wild elevator makeouts regardless of the CCTV cameras and the endless exploration of unexplored locales. Thank you for making me a glass of buttermilk on a hot day and pouring me a glass of my favourite wine on a cool night. For twirling your fingers around mine while crossing the road. Any road. For fixing the broken: be it an earring or my heart. For loving my folks like they’re your own. For making me realise that rom-coms are for real.

For being my home. 

Image courtesy: Two Fireflies – One Camera


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