Into the wild

I’m the girl your mother will tell you to stay away from

The imp your husband will frown upon

Because I’ll teach you to brush away the webs of tradition

Sip some wine, blow a smoke ring, read controversial fiction

I’ll show you how to feel yourself under a crisp white sheet

Part your lips, curl your toes, glow with conceit

I’ll drive you through sprawling green meadows

And let the wind blow in the trapped echoes

Running my nimble fingers through your charcoal black curls

I will wrap around your neck a string of magical pearls

So whenever you look at yourself in the mirror

In clear glass or on the unruffled surface of a river

You’ll exude a supreme sense of beauty and power

And break out of your inglorious cower

Not like a butterfly, but a venomous snake

Rustling through the woods, you’ll make the world gape

You’ll be the grand seductress sporting a bold, hedonic vibe

You’ll be me. The most precious one of my tribe.








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