Food review: Loni Sponge Dosa



Given a choice, I’d always choose South Indian snacks over greasy Chinese or makkhan-laden Punjabi cuisine. They might be dripping with ghee, but dosas play with my mind and make me feel healthy. And when I’m starving and broke at the same time, the roadside dosa joint is my go-to. A friend of mine told me about one such place that makes loni sponge dosa. I instantly imagined a wad of white butter hanging around in my throat like an Albatross. Ravenous that I was, we headed to this tiny tapri located in a tiny corner opposite Hiranandani meadows in upper Thane anyway.

With the deftness of a seasoned dosa maker, this guy was dishing out a dozen of dosas in less than a minute, each topped with a small dollop of white butter that melted on it in mere moments, like a scoop of ice cream on a sunny day. Assisting the dosa guy was a quintessential ‘chotu’ who served the dosas with coconut chutney and aloo sabzi, and overlooking the two of them were ten predators.

I’ve had dosas at the best of places, but none like this one. Super soft, fluffy and adequately porous, the dosa absorbs just the right amount of chutney, melts in the mouth and induces a sense of divine satisfaction. Unlike Amul butter, the blob of white butter is absolutely weightless. In fact, you are forced to stop counting calories and live in the moment. I’m not a big fan of the yellow-coloured aloo sabzi, the one that comes with the loni sponge dosa tastes like the Indian version of creamy mashed potatoes. Yum!

Priced at 30 bucks, one plate contains three appetising loni sponge dosas. Team it up with a steaming cup of ginger tea for a perfect monsoon evening.

pic3 copy


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