The good wife


4You’ll miss those mornings
Of waking up sans the mandatory snuggles
Curing hangovers with bananas and green tea
And having breakfast with strange men at strange places
Of befriending people in the grocery line or on the bus
Listening to the songs they play
And the stories behind their tattoos

You’ll miss spending time with your girlfriend
Lying down on her lap
Kissing her behind the washroom walls
Of a popup beer cafe in the suburbs
Or sobbing and scattering around a zillion tissues
After being left emotionally crippled by a book

6You’ll miss the unrestrained, wild life
Of being on your own
And doing what you feel like
It might be cooking fish
For this hot guy from the gym
Making out with him on a secluded staircase
Or rolling in bed till afternoon
Without having to share the remote

But for now, child, go home
And make mechanical love
Because you’re a wife now
You better be good





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