Rough, chapped
Lifting too many weights
Dry, shrivelled
Doing the dishes
Cut, bleeding
Chopping those veggies too soon
Soiled, rustic
Polishing off a plate of rice and curry
Unrefined, clumsy
Nailing the top knot
Fresh, fragrant
Dipped in wet henna
Creased, wrinkled
With those long hot water baths
Icky, scarlet red
During ‘that time of the month’
Restless, drummy
Trying to type my feelings
Swift, wavering
Making love to the piano keys
Unstable, shivering
When dialling your number
Hoping you’d answer
Sudden, rapid
Picking a scab
Deft, gentle
Running uncontrollably on your muscular back
Tender, cuddly
When they interlock with yours
Slick, wet; Luscious
Drenched in your unconditional love



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