I strut down the alley on a summer’s day
With the wind in my hair
I see her sitting by the window
An unmistakable sparkle in her stare

She notices my glowing skin
Nourished by yoga and coconut water
She smiles a faint smile
Does she miss her granddaughter?

Her sagging bosom in an oversized gown
My taut, young breasts, perfect in their cage
Her hair is a trickle of molten silver
Mine, cascading brown waters in rage

My lipstick is slightly smudged
Was it a goodbye kiss on his cheek?
Because her lips are colourless and cracked
Maybe she’s really very weak

Bye, Aaji! I wave my hand
Her toothless smile is cute
Two strange women revisiting the past
I begin a pensive journey to my root

If your grandparents are still alive
Hold their withering hand, I say
For a spoonful of affection is all one needs
When one is old and grey


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