I once knew a girl full of vices
Her silhouette by the window
When she blew rings of smoke
Or made wild love to her lover

Unapologetic and fearless
She went to bed naked
Soaking in the poetry of wine
Such a magical world she created

You’d spot her around the corner
In daylight they’d cuss her and frown
But in the night they’d dream about her
And be over the moon

Her honey brown eyes lit with kohl
Her barren skin so flawless
The voluptuous curve of her hip
Indeed a Greek goddess

She’d scurry down the road
High-fiving the boys
A dainty smile, a raucous laugh
She licked the smallest of joys

She always had stories to tell
About her first period and her fling
The first time she fell in love
At the beginning of spring

I saw her the other day
When I peeped into the pond
Now dull and domesticated
In the cotton kurti she donned

Come with me, will ye?
I pleaded her to come out
“Let me ask him if I can,”
She uttered with a hint of doubt

I miss her sometimes
She never masked her true self
The girl most misunderstood
My pretty little elf


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