The Other Woman

She sits next to you
On the same seat you reclined
To kiss me the night before
After you plucked my glitter pins
And unleashed a cluster of curls
Does she see the coffee cup
Rimmed with my plum lipstick,
Or the tear-soaked tissue
I forgot to throw out
When you dropped me?

How does it feel, my love?
To replace me with her,
Her with me?
Do her fingers find their way
In between yours?
Or do you wipe
The speck of mayo that remained
After she devoured a burger?
Tell me

For when the dark clouds loom over
You will take off your Ray Bans
And when her eyes meet yours,
She’ll see my reflection
And connect the dots


Her mouth will slightly twitch
Her fists will tighten
But you, my sand, will flow
Freely, naturally
I will probably be home
Doing the ordinary:
Sorting clothes
Chopping ginger
Or listing groceries
But I will know when you escape
And smile

Because however turbulent the sea is
It has to return to the shore
Time and again


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