10 reasons not to watch Hrudayantar

  1. The trailer is the film: Shekhar (Subodh Bhave) and Samaira (Mukta Barve) are on the brink of divorce when their daughter is diagnosed with leukemia. Through the tough time, the two try to rekindle their relationship. No prizes for guessing.
  2. The film has nothing to do with its title: This movie has nothing to do with midlife crisis. It is more about a 10-year-old girl battling with cancer rather than the unfolding of an intense relationship that is now on the rocks. The film is a rough patchwork of The Fault In Our Stars, Shwaas and Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki.
  3. It is depressing: Instead, spend two hours at Fortis. Ask yourself, do you really want to spend three hours of a beautiful monsoon weekend watching mournful hospital scenes on a big screen? Don’t you have enough to deal with already?
  4. The cast is outdated: Ash Aunty (Sonali Anand) lacks the swag of the cool aunt. In fact, she is too old for her character. Bhave, who shot to fame after a phenomenal musical blockbuster like Katyar, does a decent job as Shekhar. But he leaves us longing for more. And haven’t we had enough of Barve and her nasal voice?
  5. Marathi scripts shouldn’t have English dialogues: The fake vernacular accent is unbearable as well.
  6. Awful wardrobe: Agreed that this was Phadnis’ debut directional. But stitching clothes is something he’s been doing forever. Then why such hideous styling?
  7. The sponsors of the movie were: Shiamak Davar Dance School, Renaissance Hotel, Aishwarya Design Studio, Green Leaf Cosmetics and Paragon Departmental Stores. Tone it down the next time, will ye?
  8. There’s too much of Viviana mall: Like, I’m watching the movie right here in this mall, bro. I didn’t spend 200 bucks to have a virtual tour of this place.
  9. It’s too clichéd: Expect lukewarm, done-to-death conversations about life between Shekhar and Samaira, their two daughters and everyone in general. So pakau!
  10. The movie just doesn’t get over: Hospital. Drama. Home. Drama. Repeat. If you have zero patience, there are chances you might walk out in the interval itself, unless you really want to wait for Hritik’s mediocre cameo.Watch this one only if you got nothing better to do or for the love of Katyar‘s Sadashiv.


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