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“Go out in the woods, go out. If you don’t go out in the woods nothing will ever happen and your life will never begin.”
Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype

I’m Priya Chaphekar. Ex-features writer of Femina, India’s leading women’s magazine and ex-sub-editor of Hair Magazine. But I’m just another girl, a wild one though. I feel happy when I nibble on fresh fruit, when I lie on my grandmother’s lap while she strokes my hair on a lazy summer afternoon, when I finish a good book and when I climb a mountain. Wild girl diaries is a mélange of stories—from relationships to travel, lifestyle and so much more. It also features a gamut of interesting personalities who’ve taken the road less travelled and made a difference to the world in their own ways. The blog is dedicated to my soul mates who are still waiting for the right moment to take the leap of faith and explore the world. To show them the mirror and help them transform themselves in terms of the lifestyle they follow, the books they read, the places they eat and travel to and the men or women they hang out with. I want to help them undress with my words, let it go. I won’t deny that my writings might seem biased at times, more like a feminist tirade, but just so you know, that is only because of my obsession with women writers. I love the men and women in my life equally.

For interesting conversations, press releases, interview opportunities, invites and valuable feedback, do mail me on wildgirldiaries@gmail.com. I’d love to keep in touch!


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