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The ache of motherhood

On our recent visit to the Satpura Tiger Reserve, we saw a leopard try to hunt down a baby Sambar. On one hand, I was excited to see something I have only seen on Nat Geo, but on the other, I was heartbroken to see the helpless mother and her dying child. All I did was sit in the jeep and adore the rare sighting coldly. This poem is for them.

“Crouched under a sal tree
His gaze was steady
My baby’s guts were falling out
Poor baby, how could I save thee

Equipped with technology
Was a military green jeep
They waited and waited
For him to take the leap

Splashing our feet in water
We begged him to go away
Waking the jungle with my calls
I stared at him with great dismay

The black and yellow beast
Plunged onto my child
His ear-splitting shrill
Piercing through the wild

My baby writhed in pain
And dodged the big cat
He knew he won’t make it
But I tell you, he’s one brave brat

“We saw the leopard hunt,
It’s our lucky day,
Look, an iPhone video”,
The human will say

I now lick my little one’s wound
Awaiting his death
It’s sad to see my baby
Take it’s last breath

Another kid, another kill
But I’ll protect all of them till I can
For its the mother who stays
When abandoned by the clan.”

To watch the heartbreaking video, click here